When I first started playing basketball my parents had no idea that basketballs came in different sizes. It wasn’t their fault. They just simply did not know. They did what most parents do, they go to the local sporting goods store and just buy the first orange ball they see. 

Did it affect me forever? No, it did not, but now as a mom of three boys, I now know that equipping them with the correct size basketball sets them up for success. What parent wouldn’t want that?

Why is it so important that athletes play with the correct-sized basketball?

Over time, playing with an incorrectly-sized ball can have negative effects on a player’s shooting mechanics and confidence levels.

So what size ball does your athlete need?

Basketballs come in 3 sizes:

  1. Size 5 (27.5) for boys and girls ages 9-11
  2. Size 6 (28.5) for boys ages 12-14 & girls ages 12+
  3. Size 7 (29.5) for boys ages 15+

Sometimes, it is difficult to find a size 5 or 6 basketball at a local sporting goods store. Don’t worry you can order one from our Hoop Dreams or Elite Camps Toronto office. During registration, you can add clothing or equipment to your purchase. You can also call the camp office so we can add it to your account. But please order in advance of camp so we do not run out!

When buying a basketball for camp, you will want a ball called an “indoor/outdoor” ball. It will be made from “composite leather”. If you use a real leather basketball outdoors, it will be ruined. 

PLEASE LABEL YOUR CHILD’S BASKETBALL WITH THEIR LAST NAME so they can easily identify which basketball is theirs! A permanent marker is the best choice for writing directly on the ball.

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To find a location where you can buy a basketball other than at the Elite Camps Locations try one of these places that I have used in the past when I need one for my own kids:

Size 6 at Sport Check 

Size 5 on Amazon