Our Parents Said

My daughter looks forward to her time at Hoop Dreams every year.  Building confidence within team environments both on and off the court, is a huge benefit of overnight camp.  The skill development is excellent and the coaches are terrific with the kids.  It is a perfect balance of basketball and team building skills, all of which translate to her being a better teammate once her season starts in the fall.


Hey Elite Camps Team

A big thank you for what was an outstanding Hoop Dreams week for Connor. He is back with renewed confidence and friendships that will carry forward into the school year ahead. He had such a good time.

Also thank you for the bday cake ?. He (and I) are very grateful. Those small details mean so much. How you do it amazes me!

Wishing you a successful last week up north. I hope to see you soon!


We signed our son up for one week of Hoop Dreams overnight camp. He ended up staying 3 consecutive weeks and got off the bus in tears because he had to wait another full year to go back. There isn’t more you need to say about how fantastic the camp is than that.


In our home Hoop Dreams is synonymous with summer, you simply cannot have one without the other. Hoop Dreams delivers an opportunity for individual off-season training and development with Coaching from some of Canada's top University and College basketball players. Under the leadership of Stephanie & Dave, and their Coaches, our daughter's skills have been refined in an environment that encourages putting in the hard work to achieve results - at the individual and team level. In addition to honing technical skills in a competitive setting, the Coaches and Campers at Hoop Dreams have become our daughter's extended family with whom she has been spending her summers for the last five years. Simply put, Hoop Dreams is our daughter's happy place.


My granddaughter Julia has spent a week at Hoop Dreams overnight camp for the past two summers, 2017 and 2018. All I can say is that Julia loves Hoop Dreams overnight camp. She came home both summers raving about her experience. According to Julia, the food is ‘awesome,’ the coaches are ‘amazing,” and the programs and activities are ‘so much fun.’ When she arrived home from Hoop Dreams overnight camp this past August, her first request was to go back in the summer of 2019. Her dad and I told her that she could return again next summer. Hoop Dreams is the best experience for basketball-loving kids

Angela Polowin

My daughter will be returning to Hoop Dreams for her third summer.  Having been to several overnight camps, by far she is most happy at Hoop Dreams.  Her basketball skills have improved, and importantly, she has fun.  The coaches are exceptional - enthusiastic, caring, great role models.  Sophie feels a strong camaraderie with her fellow basketball loving campers and can't wait to return!


Hoop Dreams has hosted one of our children for 6 (!) consecutive years and now another one of our children for the first time this year. We thought we should take a few minutes to thank you for creating such an outstanding camp.

Our children have done other sleepover camps and Hoop Dreams is the one they like BEST, for so many reasons… Campers have lots of fun, and importantly, they are in a safe environment—both physically and psychologically. Hoop Dreams offers a unique opportunity to participate daily in a combination of activities including outdoor basketball and fitness training, water sports, traditional camp activities and relaxing in their cabins.

Hoop Dreams coaches are FANTASTIC! They are talented athletes, they are fun, and they are excellent role models. My kids say the other Hoop Dreams campers are great too, “they are fun to stay with in a cabin,” and “it’s easy to make friends.”

The fact that our children wanted to extend their stay and want to come back next year says it all. Thank you for this outstanding camp!

Andrea & Jon Wojnicki

Our son Noah has been with Elite Camps since 2014 attending weekly lessons, March Break camps, PD day camps, D-League and Summer camps. Pretty much any Basketball program they offered. Since Noah was attending overnight camp at Camp Walden, Noah decided he wanted to try Elite Hoop Dreams Camp in the Summer of 2017. We signed him up for a week, which then turned into 2 and was devastated when there was no space left for the last and Final Session. In 2018 when Elite moved from Walden to Wahanowin and extended the program from 3 weeks to 5 weeks. It was pretty clear that the only place Noah would be attending overnight Camp would be at Hoop Dreams. As a long time Waldener, I was hesitant to sign him up for entire 5 week session so we decided to sign him up 1 week at a time. Once again, a one week overnight stay turned into a 4 week extension. There is really no other place Noah would want to spend his Overnight Camp experience than Hoop Dreams. He is looking forward to Summer of 2019 at Hoop Dreams.

Thank you Elite Camps for creating such a memorable place for Noah.

Claire and Mark Benatar

Elite Camps rock!
Stephanie and staff keep our children safe and sound while giving them room to explore and have a great time. The basketball training staff is superb and our son looks forward to attending camp every year. I believe he will go back as a Jr counsellor in the 2019 season. When our son wanted to attend an over night basketball camp we looked around at our options. I spoke with a few different camp directors and got the usual sales pitch about how
great their camp was. When I spoke with Stephanie Rudnick at Elite camps she basically said here are a few number for parents who have children at our camp please give them a call. Our son has been a regular at the Elite over night camp now three years running. This year our boy decided he would pack for his week at camp on his own. When Stephanie noticed him walking to have a swim with his b-ball sneakers on she asked him where are your flip flops?
“At home” he replied, with my socks and underwear. Later that day Stephanie presented our boy with store fresh socks, underwear and flip flops. She really went out of her way to make
sure he was attended to. This speaks to the entire Elite Camps motto, attention to detail.

Kayla Way

We took the 2.5 hour drive from Midland to Wiarton, the scenery was beautiful. Upon arrival we were greeted by inspirational signs going up the driveway leading to the camp, once we pulled up we were immediately greeted by enthusiastic counsellors eager to meet our camper. They loaded our campers bags onto their golf cart and we were able to walk him to the entrance, take a photo and say our goodbyes. The site is very big! located by the water, big new cabins, huge outdoor court as well as indoor court. On the first day we received photos of our camper on the app system and were able to follow along each day with activities they were participating in. There is even an app service to write in to your camper each day and receive a handwritten letter back, this was a big reliever for me as it was my child's first camp experience away so hearing from them made me nerves settle. My child came home with a ton of new skills he can't wait to use in his rep league team and highschool team. We are very grateful for this camp experience. Stephanie and all the staff are amazing!
My son can't wait to attend next year!

Joanna Hughes

This is definitely a top-notch camp. This was my daughter's first overnight camping experience at 15 years old. She was delighted to be challenged by other teen campers at her playing level and the great coaches. The food, the accommodations and the facilities were fantastic. Not a single complaint when she got home. Communication from Hoop Dreams is perfect (in the weeks leading up to the camp, and through Bunk1 app and phone calls home). Bravo!

Nina Ramirez

This is the BEST camp for so many reasons! So much thought went into making this experience great for all!! The water sports, the arts and crafts, the activities, the cabins , the basketball courts, the leaders, the food, the communication ! Everything is on point. I did not worry once about not having contact and loved the no phone policy ! The best part for me as a parent was the daily pictures of my boy and seeing the smile from ear to ear...everyday. I knew he was so happy just by these pictures. My son has been home for a few days and still talking about how great of a time he had! Thank you HOOP Dreams. You really made this great for not only the kids but for the parents too! We will be back next year.

Hopper Real Estate Brokerage & Appraisals Ltd.

My son had an amazing experience and a ton of fun. He loved his time at Elite Camps Hoop Dreams Overnight Basketball Camp! He said the basketball drills/games, food, cabins, and activities were all great!

Karine Tremblay

The camp exceeded all expectations and left an indelible mark on my daughter's basketball journey. From the moment we arrived, the organization and attention to detail were evident. The staff welcomed us warmly and immediately put any apprehension to rest. The camp curriculum throughout the week was thoughtfully designed, striking a perfect balance between skill development, teamwork and fun. My daughter's basketball skills improved visibly during her time at the camp, thanks to the expert guidance and personalized coaching she received during her week-long stay. She not only returned from the camp a better basketball player but also as a more confident and resilient individual.

A huge shout out to the coaches, organizers and everyone involved for making this camp an unforgettable experience for my daughter. She is looking forward to returning next year for a longer stay!

Elly MacKay

My son loved his week at Hoop Dreams. I couldn’t believe what a gorgeous setting it was in. He thought his coach was awesome, the activities were fun, the food was good and had a great time with his cabin buddies. He said he really improved his ball handling too. He came home with a couple funny stories that got everyone laughing at our big family gathering. We’ll be sending him next year for sure. Thanks so much!

Laura McLean

My son has gone to Hoop Dreams camp two summers in a row and loves it! He has never had anything bad to say about it. He loves the food, which is saying something because he’s picky! As a parent, I love how they post photos everyday and use facial recognition to specifically show us what our child has been doing. He comes home with tons more basketball skills than before he left. When I picked him up from the bus this year, he was already asking to go back next year. Thanks Hoop Dreams for giving him such a wonderful experience!

Cécile Busto

My daughter had such a great time at Elite Camp! It was her first overnight camp and she was a little nervous, but the staff and the coaches made her feel comfortable rapidly. She loved playing basketball and was proud of showing us her progress. She enjoyed the activities, the food and made a bunch of new friends!

Kevin VanReenen

This was the second year in a row that my daughter attended the camp. This year there were several girls from our U13 Girls team that were able to attend as well as some of the younger girls from our club (Huron Lakers) and some boys that play with our club as well. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from all of those who were able to attend. Great accommodations, awesome team building, amazing staff and great memories. I have coached these girls since grade 4, they are an awesome group of kids and this experience they had together just builds stronger relationships amongst them while building their skill level in an all around amazing atmosphere. I read an article Elite Camps sent about summer AAU basketball and I will continue to favour and promote this camp experience as an excellent alternative!

Linda Hall

F. attended the camp for a week in August and had a wonderful experience. The instructors were awesome and so helpful. Even learning lots of basketball was fun! The food and accommodation are really great and the location on a lake with lots of activities is great. It was an amazing experience.

Laura and Blair Hagman

Our son had the best time at Hoop Dreams!! He met some amazing friends and learned so many new skills. He can’t wait to go back next year. Thank you to the awesome staff for making his first time at camp so much fun!

Stephen Thomas

My athlete Alex loved every minute of his hoop dreams experience and was able to work on his game and bond with fellow campers and coaches.

Will definitely be back to youth camp and he is looking forward to teen camp in future years!

Camp communication and app support was great too. Highly recommend for young athletes 🙌🏿

Alexis Jakubiec

My son was blown away by this camp. He had so much fun and learned so much. The food was phenomenal and everyone working there was kind and talented. For basketball addicts or kids looking to learn a new sport and have fun at numerous other activities we would highly recommend!

Ariel Vinizki

My 10 year old son attended - his first sleepover camp - and absolutely loved it! The facilities are very nice and most of all the coaches were amazing. The camp is very organized and does a great job with communications.

Michelle Fernandes

What an AWESOME getaway!!! It was our first time going to Elite camps and it definitely won't be our last. We went up with a group of friends. The kids had a blast and so did the adults. The cabins were clean and well kept. The AC in the cabin made for extra awesome sleep after all those fun and exciting activities. We loved all of them. The food was delicious. The family game night was hilarious with Andrew and the flip cups. It was also my first time kayaking and Steph was amazing!! Her positivity and encouragement went a long way and now I love kayaking!! Her staff are AMAZING!! Each of them were kind, friendly and approachable from the time we got there. Shout outs to all of them... Kyle, Harry, Andrew, Kelly, Toby, Inderjeet, Natalie, Gui, Connor and I'm sorry but I can't remember the awesome kid in the archery area and I apologize if I forgot anyone else but you guys did an amazing job!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope to see you all again. Extra special shout out to Nate and Goldie. #Memoriesforlife❤

Shauna Bonterre

My son had an absolute blast last week at camp. It was his first time going to Hoop Dreams, and he was asking to stay a second week! He made a lot of new friends, loved camp life and felt he was a better basketball player coming out of the end of camp. We will be back for sure!

Greg Stewart

This is an exceptionally well run camp. I was highly impressed by the communication to parents and general operation overall. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her experience. Thanks to all for making it so memorable for her.

Nikolay Klyushkin (Realtor)

Both kids enjoyed the camp a lot. It was well organized, the grounds were awesome. If your kid loves basketball, this camp will be perfect for you.

Amy Wilkinson

My daughter had the most amazing time !
Met many like minded players from many different places , bonded in her cabin with girls .
Loved all the basketball drills and team plays . Best coaches that made it a fun experience every day. She didn’t want to leave and looks forward to going back next year.

Alana Silber

My 11 year old son went to Hoop Dreams overnight for the first time. He loved it and plans to go back next year!! He had so much fun and loved all the activities they provided and planned for the kids. Thanks Hoop Dreams for a memorable time 🙂


Elite Hoop Dreams Overnight Camp is an excellent option. My teen had the greatest time every day. Excellent weather, staff, food and training. Coaches are the best! Thank you so much for this amazing camp experience.

Kiersten Taylor

My 14 year old son had an incredible time at camp. It's a rigorous program for kids who are serious about basketball, and my son came home with new skills (and sore legs!). The facilities are incredible, the food was great, and my son is already looking forward to returning next year. The camp communication, both before and during camp, was also amazing. I highly recommend Hoop Dreams to anyone whose kid loves basketball.

Kimberley Verdin

Great camp, my 10yr old son was there for a week and was very happy. They have lots of activities and you can follow them with a bunch of pictures they send throughout the day.
He is ready for next year.

Karin Broadbent

My son’s first overnight basketball camping experience was absolutely great! Not only basketball training but all the activities ( water sports, crafts, archery..) , team spirit, coaching and most of all sharing, friendship helped him to learn a lot .. Thank you all Elite Team ! Tugba Bozdere
My son had an amazing time at Hoop Dreams! He made new friends and had the best experience with his coaches! He can’t wait to go back next year!

Winnie Lau

Stephanie and her staff at Elite Camps are AWESOME! After being locked down for the past 18 months, it was so great to get away with the family.
Elite is well organized; many activities to choose from, and was able to accommodate all ages (3 years to 70 years) within our family, including the dog!! Make this a perfect Family Retreat!! The facility is clean and follows Covid precautions; the cabins are roomy and comfortable with air-conditioning; The outdoor basketball courts are impressive; the indoor gym and indoor courts are top notch!! The staff are friendly and super helpful; everyone made us feel right at home.
The kids and dog are asking when we’re going back:) Our family had a great time and EXCELLENT experience, can’t wait to make this an annual tradition!!!

Mary Shouldice

My 14 year old son loved hoop dreams so much last year he did 2 weeks this year, and lived them both just as much, if not more. Great people, and great facilities.

Stephanie Henderson

My son had a blast. Loved all the basketball time and enjoyed the other aspects of camp. I really appreciated all the photos! And the phone call.

Jason Stanley

I cannot overstate how attentive and well-run the entire experience was for both my young camper and his parents. Thanks for making his first overnight camp experience such a positive and memorable one.

Maja Babic

This was my son’s (and family’s) first overnight experience and I couldn’t have asked for things to go better. My son (age 9) was signed up for the mini camp but could have easily stayed the week.
All correspondence was very informative prior to arrival and any questions I emailed in were promptly answered.
My son loved the energy of the camp and found all coaches very friendly. He also felt the days were well scheduled and he absolutely loved the waterfront activities. “Food was really good”, said my son (the picky eater).
Most importantly, my son is already wanting to go back next year; sure sign his camp experience was a win!

Scott sellors

It was my son's first time and he loved it. Staff made him comfortable and he now has new friends. We are trying to enroll for another week in August…

Julie Bredin

My son Jack had an incredible experience at Hoop Dreams. Thanks to everyone involved who made it such a fun week.

Greg Gray

My son had so much fun! This was his first time away at camp and let me tell you, it won’t be his last. The coaches and staff are great at making your kids feel welcomed. Pristine location, top notch basketball training and programs, they offer a variety of other activities for the campers to do, besides basketball. My son loved archery. Stephanie is amazing. She answered all our questions and did a helpful presentation for our whole team. See you next year!

Ray Mackay

What an amazing camp experience for my son! The staff at Hoop dreams were amazing from the moment we drove in! Greeting us and directing us with all the enthusiasm you would expect from an ELITE camp! The grounds were incredible from a parents standpoint, and in my son's words, “this is my dream space”. He made so many friends, both campers and coaches, and has stories for years to come! He was so well looked after and cannot wait for next year! He always felt like a star player and spent the week doing what he loves-playing basketball. Being surrounded by others that share a love for the sport only made him love it more!