Cabin Culture

What is Cabin Culture? 

A strong Cabin Culture makes campers feel safe, welcome, and that they belong. A camper cabin at Hoop Dreams is not just a place where a camper sleeps. It is a place where campers build deep connections with staff and cabinmates. Cabin Culture allows campers to create relationships that can last a lifetime.

At Hoop Dreams, we train our amazing staff leaders with Elite’s Cabin Curriculum, which is designed to create a strong Cabin Culture.

Safety is our #1 core value at Elite Camps. Because of this, we have one staff leader INSIDE each cabin – from lights-out to morning. This is the Elite difference. Most camps have one staff leader outside several cabins after lights-out and only until staff curfew.

In our experience, having a staff member inside each cabin can prevent bullying and help athletes to bond. Your camper can then fall asleep with ease.

If you want your athlete to experience the amazing cabin culture at Hoop Dreams click here.