Camper Health & Safety

At Hoop Dreams, we are committed to the health and safety of all our campers and staff. As such, many preventative measures are taken to establish the highest level of safety precautions possible.


    Facilities and equipment are checked, cleaned and certified (where required) yearly.


     All staff are required to be trained in Standard First Aid and CPR-C. As a further precaution, staff are also encouraged to attain the highest level of water and emergency certifications possible prior to working at camp so that we can be as safe as possible.


    Parents can also be assured that detailed emergency procedures (land and water) are in place and reviewed/practiced with staff during our extensive pre-camp training session and throughout the summer.


    The Elite Camps Outdoor Leadership Centre is equipped with a fully stocked Health centre and a full-time Nurse/Nurse Practitioner on site. This ensures that all camper injuries and illnesses receive immediate treatment and care. As well, all major buildings on-site are outfitted with emergency medical kits, which include defibrillators, epi-pens, and first aid equipment.

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Parent Communications & Updates

We also hire a Camp Tracker. This person works closely with our Health Care team as well as with our coaching team and will be able to update parents quickly on any concerns your child might have while at camp.

Our goal is to continue to improve the level of comfort parents have while their child is away from home.


We are updating our plans and policies to best ensure the health and safety of our camp community, as we continue to manage the ongoing safety concerns and restrictions as they pertain to COVID-19.


Session dates, policies, programs, and procedures may change at any time prior to or during the summer based on government and/or local Health Unit's most current COVID-19 protocols and guidelines. 

Please note: As per public health guidelines, our campers will not be required to show proof of vaccination.

Your Camper's Health History

Part of the registration requirement is a Health History Form for each camper.

Prior to check-in, our Health Care staff review all of the Health History forms for the upcoming week to list any concerns that need to be discussed with parents.

Parents can call the nurse prior to arrival if they need to go over any allergies or health concerns you may have.

Campers who are Anaphylactic receive a special brightly coloured bracelet to wear throughout the week, which reminds our staff to make sure the camper is carrying his/her epi-pen.

Health Screening Prior to Check In

After check-in, campers are screened for medical conditions, such as head lice, gastrointestinal illness, influenza and COVID-19.

In the event that your child shows symptoms of any of these conditions prior to camp (ie. up to 72 hours), please ensure they are assessed and treated ahead of time.

If treatment is not completed prior to camp, please contact the Camp Director to discuss next steps.

HEAD LICE: Please check your childʼs head. For more information on identification and treatment, click here.

GASTROINTESTINAL ILLNESS: Symptoms include but not limited to vomiting, chills, abdominal cramps and diarrhea

INFLUENZA-LIKE ILLNESS: Symptoms include but not limited to fever with a cough and one of the following; sore throat, muscle aches, joint pain or weakness.

COVID-19: Symptoms include but not limited to dry cough, fever, fatigue, sore throat, headache, muscle aches, joint pain, chest tightness, shortness of breath, loss of taste/smell and diarrhea