Lifeguards will provide daily lifeguarded free swims. They are responsible for ensuring that the safety rules are followed on the beach and in the water. He/She will present the waterfront rules weekly during camper orientation. The Lifeguard is to maintain all waterfront equipment and report any damages beyond their ability to repair to the Director and is to keep the beach clean and orderly.

As a part of the larger camp community activity instructors also expected to actively participate and provide supervision during All-Camp Activities throughout the week. This includes program periods that may not be outlined on daily schedules, such as meals, rainy day activities, special days and in the cabin.

The Lifeguards, along with the Head of Waterfront, will also be responsible for leading the emergency response team to practice regular training sessions.

Elite-Camps-Life Guards-1-2


  • Provide daily supervision and lifeguarding for free swim periods and sections activities.
  • Live in the camper cabin and help with supervision in the cabin
  • Act as primary members of HOC Emergency Response Team.
  • Participate in special day activities as needed
  • Cabin coverage to facilitate counsellor evening off.
  • Sunday Camper Check In support
  • Saturday Check Out support
  • Attend weekly all staff and staff team meetings as scheduled.
  • Preparation of alternative "Rainy Day" programs.


  • All staff are required to live and teach our Elite Camps core values
  • All staff are expected to abide by and enforce camp guidelines of respect. These are the rules and expectations of behaviour implemented to maintain a fun and safe camp environment.
  • All staff are responsible for the safety and security of each camper in their care. Staff are to follow prescribed program standards in order to ensure the highest level of care.
  • Attendance for all staff to the June orientation week training is mandatory. This training period is where each staff will receive essential employment information and training for a successful summer experience.
  • Participation in camp-wide special events and weekly meetings are an expectation of all staff members.
    The dynamic nature of summer camp demands each staff understand that additional duties may be assigned as required.


  • Room & Board Provided.
  • Access to program and recreation equipment.
  • An experience that will last a lifetime.


Employment Period: June 22nd-August 29th, 2020
Wages: Summer wages vary depending on age, qualifications and experience of applicants. Room and board are included.


  • A minimum of 17 years of age.
  • Genuine interest in working with children in the camp community.
  • Experience teaching and communicating with children of varied ages. Specific camp experience an asset.
  • NLS certification.
  • Emergency First Aid and CPR certification.
  • Must be an enthusiastic, energetic and positive person.
  • Must be willing to take part in camp related activities outside the defined job description