How to apply

Elite Camps is proud to partner with Circuitree, a camp software management company, for our staff application system.

To apply, you will require an account.

Applications for Summer 2021 are now open! Follow the links below to apply.


If this is your first time using CircuiTree, you'll need to set
up a new staff account. 


If you already have an account with CircuiTree, you can go straight to the login page.


In anticipation that we are able to operate for the 2021 camp season, we have started plans to best ensure the health and safety of our camp community, as we continue to manage the ongoing safety concerns and restrictions as they pertain to Covid-19.

As a member of the Ontario Camps Association (OCA), we will be looking to the support and guidance of the OCA Covid-19 task force, working with Public Health and the Government of Ontario to create guidelines for a safe re-opening of overnight summer camps in 2021.


Due to the ongoing pandemic and planning for the summer of 2021, we want to ensure we remain transparent with our staff regarding possible restrictions/guidelines as they may pertain to our staff hiring, staff training, job responsibilities, and living/working dynamics.

Therefore, when reviewing your respective job description,
please review and understand the following possible Covid-19 restrictions/guidelines outlined below, prior to applying for a 2021 Hoop Dreams Staff Position.

Daily / Weekly Responsibilities:

Additional staff duties/requirements may include; increased cleaning and sanitization standards, physical distancing measures, wearing of masks when physical distancing is not available, completion of daily Covid-19 screening tools, and adapting regular camp routine to match the requirements of Covid-19 restrictions/guidelines.

All Staff Responsibilities:

Staff to maintain an open-minded and positive attitude in order to adapt to changes that may occur throughout the contract period, as we comply with potential on-going restrictions/guidelines.

Staff to be committed to respecting and abiding by any changes
to policies and standards necessary to comply with ongoing restrictions/guidelines, ensuring the health, safety, and wellbeing
of our entire camp community.

Summer Benefits & Time Off:

Defined time off periods may be subject to change and restrictions if required to comply with ongoing restrictions/guidelines.