Assistant Director

Job Title: Assistant Director
Reports To: Camp Owner/Director
Number of Positions Available: 1

The Assistant Director is responsible for supporting the Director in the operation of Elite Camps Hoop Dreams Overnight Basketball Camp and the Elite Outdoor Leadership Centre (EOC).

Berford Lake

Pre-Camp & Camp Responsibilities

  • Typical Assistant Director responsibilities include but are not limited to the following. However, every staff member is expected to assist with any and all duties that may arise throughout the pre-camp and camp sessions.
  • Review and update current Policies and Procedures 
  • Create new Policies and Procedures, if needed 
  • Training and managing seasonal staff aged 17- 25
  • Overseeing the supervision of overnight campers aged 9-17
  • Assist Director in planning Staff Training week 
  • Facilitate resolution of issues that arise involving camper and/or staff by creating and implementing plans that promote collaboration and promote positive experiences
  • Connect with registered families who need support prior to and during camp
  • Collaborate with the Health Center team to prepare for campers/staff with medical issues
  • Lead Camper Drop-off and Pick-up procedures
  • Lead camper survey weekly and follow up on campers who want to extend their registration
  • Manage stay-overs from week to week and ensure that housing and meals are accounted for
  • Monitor all camper experiences by collecting, reviewing, and following up on Cabin Tracking Sheets
  • Review all Incident Reports and follow-up with campers, staff, and parents if necessary
  • Collaborate with Camp Administrator to identify and deal with camper issues found through letters to and from camp
  • Direct and supervise work periods for staff
  • Meet daily with assigned staff for Gameplans 
  • Prepare Daily Announcements
  • Prepare and distribute camper reports to relevant staff each week (Kitchen, Health Centre, Waterfront, Camp Coordinators...)
  • Supervise Cabin Supervision, Lights-Out ,and Night Duty each day
  • Observe and support campers on court, and at activities, several times throughout the day
  • Prepare Payroll summary for Finance Officer every two weeks
  • Track Staff Onboarding process
  • Understand, follow, and keep records for current OCA accreditation standards
  • Manage the reservation and payment records of buses to and from camp
  • Ensure that the Director is informed immediately of any serious incidents or issues.


  • Strong decision-making capability aligned with Elite Camps Core Values
  • Positive and effective interpersonal and relationship building skills, with an encouraging, upbeat personality
  • Motivational leader who is results oriented and takes initiative
  • Strong problem solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Excellent working skills including: communication skills, organizational skills, multi-tasking, and attention to detail.
  • High-level oral and written communication skills
  • Proficient knowledge of a Windows computer environment (Excel, Outlook, Word), and Google Drive.
  • Ability to learn our camp management software (CampBrain & CircuiTree) quickly and effectively.


  • Extensive experience running programming for children and youth
  • Experience training and mentoring adults 
  • Experience working with parents 
  • Camp experience an asset
  • Current CPR-C and First Aid certification 
  • Vulnerable Sector Background Check
  • Valid G License


This position is filled for 2024.


Program Director

Job Title: Program Director
Reports To: Camp Director
Number of Positions Available: 1 (for all 8 weeks & Staff Training)

As a member of the camp Leadership Team the Program Director plays a key role in the implementation of the overall camp program.

Camp Facility #2


  • Attend, organize and facilitate sessions for Staff Training Week 
  • Manage and supervise the basketball coaching staff to ensure consistent program delivery.
  • Prepare and implement all training components of the Leader in Training and Counsellor in Training program.
  • Plan and organize the implementation of camp-wide special events (Evening Program, Campfires, and Colour War)
  • Perform all other duties and roles assigned by the Director

Required Qualifications

  • Valid G drivers license
  • Current CPR-C and First Aid certification 
  • Vulnerable Sector Background Check

Recommended Qualifications

  • Experience in youth program development, preferably obtained in a senior position for an Overnight Camp, or a Day Camp.
  • Demonstrated experience working with children in a recreational setting.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in and lead others in a team atmosphere.
  • Excellent working skills including: communication skills, organizational skills and attention to details.


  • Work with Basketball Camp Coordinators regarding program preparation including lesson plans, teaching progression and program standards.
  • Ensure staff members are completing incident reports in a timely manner.
  • Review Game Plans of basketball staff and to help them stretch as leaders.
  • Ensure that the basketball staff are delivering the Elite Camps program. 
  • Notify the Camp Director of any concerns with employee performance and Action Plans that are being put in place. 
  • Provide regularly scheduled training to campers in the CIT program.
  • Participate in creating a weekly schedule for staff supervision.
  • Plan and implement all rainy day programming.
  • Plan and implement all Color War programming.
  • Plan and implement 2 staff rec programs a week.
  • Create and deliver weekly staff day off schedule
  • Inform Director when program supplies need to be replenished and make recommendations regarding the improvement of the basketball equipment.

Employment Period

Employment Period:

    • One week of Staff Training (June 24 - June 29, 2024)
    • 8 weeks of Camp (June 30- August 24, 2024)
    • Employment in May, June, Sept & October is available for staff interested in working at the camp for retreats and group rentals.