Outdoor Education

If you have ever considered sending your students on an overnight excursion, consider sending them to Elite Camps Outdoor Leadership Center. At Elite Camps, students will fulfill a variety of curriculum expectations in a safe outdoor experiential learning environment while developing a greater respect for their school community through leadership and team building programs, all while having the time of their lives. Many principles and teachers agree, allowing students to share this community living experience fosters strong character education and promotes positive student behavior throughout the entire school year.

Our Programs

Elite Camps Outdoor Leadership Center specializes in a 3-day and overnight experience for grades 5 to 12, as well as college and university levels. We can also custom design programs for any length of stay with a wide variety of program focus, from leadership and team building to recreational or curriculum-specific. At the Elite Camps Outdoor Leadership Center, students may fulfill a variety of curriculum expectations in a safe outdoor experiential learning environment while developing a greater respect for their school community Through leadership and team-building programs.

While a majority of our programs assist teachers in meeting Science and Technology, History, Geography, and Social Studies curriculum expectations, virtually every program assists teachers in meeting several Health and Physical Education curriculum expectations. Elite Camps offers a plethora of exciting recreational activities designed to develop new skills, stimulate group participation, build positive self-esteem, and foster leadership abilities, all while exploring the wonders of nature.

I strongly encourage anyone looking for a new and exciting outdoor educational experience to explore Elite Camps Hoop Dreams Overnight Camp, Wiarton. Stephanie and her staff are committed to customizing your experience, collaborating daily with team leaders to shape the programming around the needs of the students, approaching every day with professionalism, patience and enthusiasm. Elite Camp Hoop Dreams also offers brand new facilities, including newly built cabins, an indoor gym, a newly landscaped waterfront, and modernized instructional spaces, making for an incredibly comfortable experience. Elite Camps Hoop Dreams has become an annual fixture in our Grade 12 calendar, thanks to Stephanie and her team.

Ari Hunter Assistant Head Upper School

Crescent School


Good nutrition is an essential ingredient in healthy living, especially for growing children. The chefs at the Elite Camps Outdoor Leadership Centre take great pride in the food service they provide to all of our guests. Our menu follows health Canada food guide ensuring well-balanced, nutritious meals. Students receive three square meals a day, second helpings are always available and a snack is also provided in the evening.

Please note that we are a nut safe facility and that vegetarian, gluten-free, and special diet options are available at an extra cost. 

For Teachers and Staff

Throughout your stay at the Elite Camps Outdoor Leadership Centre, our staff will lead all programming both during the day and at night. Your primary role will be act as a chaperone and to allow our staff to do what they do best: deliver fun, impactful, and  educational programming!

Prior to your stay with us, we are more than happy to assist your school group in any way we can. If you would like help drafting a letter to gauge parent interest in your school community or if you would like our camp director to host an Information Night at your school, we would be more than happy to do that. Just let us know how we can help!


3-day, 2-night programs start at $300/student plus tax (Transportation not included but we can help secure).

Please call for a full brochure.


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